Pembina Gorge Foundation


The Mission

The mission of the Pembina Gorge Foundation is to preserve and enhance the experience of the Pembina Gorge while connecting people to positive, life changing experiences.  The Foundation develops and supports historical, cultural, education, natural, interpretive and recreational opportunities in the Gorge.  

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Greetings from Pembina Gorge


A Heart-felt Thank You to Lyle & Margie Johnson

Lyle's Lift is named after Lyle (& Margie) Johnson in gratitude and deep appreciation for what they have done and continue to do to support and Fire-Up Frost Fire!  It's been a "heavy lift" and Lyle has often been the advocate and the adviser, leading the team and the community to do the right thing.  Not only that, the generosity extended has been tremendous and has carried a big portion of the heavy load during the times it was too much to bear for this grass-roots group.  Thank you, Lyle & Margie!  You make us proud. 

What do Robert & Virginia Dunnigan think about Firing Up Frost Fire?

Virginia and the Brush Bunch was one of the first groups we visited with about Frost Fire....why it mattered and could it be saved?   It was a quiet group so we went around the table and asked each person to weigh in.  Virginia tells a sweet version of this meeting so before I go any further - I'm going to ask her to share about that day.   

I've reached out for some words from her....I will plug them in as soon as I get them and go on with the snippet of gratitude I'm inclined to share.   Until then....

Frost Fire Soon to Fire Up

Great news!   Lyle's Lift will fire up on Friday, December 6th, 2019!  Runs open include Appleton Meadow, Chicory, Lions Tooth, Yarrow and Prairie Smoke, too!  Come ski Frost Fire Park at 9:00 a.m. and enjoy the great discounts!

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About Us

The Pembina Gorge Foundation Phase II

 Thank you to all who have so generously donated to help Fire-Up Frost Fire!  Help us meet our final goal of phase II with just $350,000 (matched!) needed to be a sustainable operation with no debt!

Fire-Up 4 Frost Fire is a Pembina Gorge Foundation capital campaign….

  •  ensuring recreation is maintained and developed,
  •  historical stories are told and passed down,
  •  and the natural beauty of the Gorge is preserved. 

Together, we can create a world class recreation and leisure destination park while providing positive life changing experiences for those who live in or visit the Pembina River Gorge. 

Broad Campaign Overview $7.5 million

  • Goal #1:  Phase I of the Fire-Up campaign was to preserve the property to ensure public access for future generations.  The property was purchased in June 2017 for $1.067 million.  Launch Summer Theatre 2017.
  • Goal #2: Phase II Outdoor Recreation:  open the winter park as a safe and sustainable business operation. 
    • Raise necessary capital to replace equipment including the triple chair with a quad chair lift, ski/snowboard fleet, snow-makers, groomer, etc., and address outdoor snow-making, infrastructure and other equipment needs. 
    • Create and implement a safety, maintenance and training program for both ski/tubing and mountain bike recreation programs.
  • Goal #3: Phase III Fundraiser and complete the Mountain Bike Terrain Park & Program including remaining trail build, bike rentals & storage program, and ski patrol.
  • Goal #4: The Lodge will be Americans with Disabilities compliant.  We anticipate increasing of space by opening of the barn for events and classes, address foundation issues, and expand space to include a commercial kitchen.  A pathway will be created to the Amphitheater to make it easier for our patrons to navigate the terrain. 
  • Goal #5:  Renovation of the "Convent" to allow for overnight accommodations and gathering space for volunteers, kids and youth camps, and other programs relating to the Kano Folk School and experiential learning development.
  • Goal #6:  Renovate the Amphitheater, i.e. outdoor bathrooms, concessions, seating, staging, etc. 
  • Goal #7:  Build at minimum a $1 million endowment so all can participate in the activities regardless of their ability to pay.  An endowment will provide $50,000 annually for scholarships and program assistance.  

The Foundation incorporated with the State of North Dakota as a nonprofit in January of 2017.  It is a 501c3 nonprofit organization as determined by the IRS.  
The Foundation can accept gifts of cash, stocks, IRA's, commodities, real estate and other real (appreciated) property.  Ask us about the ND 40% tax credit for gifts to endowments.  Our endowment is held at the Fargo-Moorhead Community Foundation.

For more information on giving or the campaign, please email or call 701.317.6729.

The 2017 990 is available upon request.